Yamaha WR250R Specs

Yamaha WR250R Specs
Yamaha WR250R Specs

Yamaha WR250R SpecsThe WR250R is a definitive weekender. Considerably more than only one more trail bicycle, its a mix of Yamaha's reality commanding rough terrain know-how and the no-trade off disposition of our R-Series supersport bicycles

It's designed to convey the purest feel and input, so you've got the certainty to take your method to the following level and ride like you've never ridden previously. 

Furnished with lightweight titanium gulf valves, the fluid cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, single-chamber motor pushes hard the distance to 10,000 rpm, making this one of the strongest 250 singles ever constructed by Yamaha. 


Stock wheels are commonly really delicate, and the ones on our testbike were dinged in short request after some forceful testing. For this manufacture, we picked ultra-solid, enduro-race-prepared D.I.D ST-X edges ($200 front, $230 back; dark just) with Bulldog spokes and spline-drive areolas every wheel) all from Dubya USA. To control costs, we bound the new parts to the stock center points. Pirelli Scorpion Rally front tire ($117) meets expectations incredible with a MT-43 Trials back ($121). Both have been long- wearing and are a decent bargain for double utilize. On the off chance that you ride in a considerable measure of mud, a genuine bumpy at the back is a superior decision. A mix of SBS hustling brake cushions (RSI 694 front, $42; SI 790 back, $34) taking a shot at great quality stock circles gave a significant execution move up to ease. 

Yamaha WR250R Specs


The best no-nonsense saddlebag and tank sack arrangement we've found is from Giant Loop. Coyote 39-liter saddlebags  append safely without utilizing overwhelming metal racks and accompany a hotness shield to shield from fumes heat (we included a second). Limit is tremendous and three waterproof liner sacks are incorporated. Diablo Pro tank sack includes 4 liters in advance ($210) and has an agreeable guide pocket with a force rope bay for gadgets. Zippered base has a fuel-top set pattern, importance the sack can flip off the beaten path for simple refueling. 


The WR250R has great center segments that are, in particular, rebuildable. At the same time stock damping and springing are insufficient for bigger riders or to convey any additional burden. Go Race Suspension is a Christiansburg, Virginia, full-administration tuning shop that has constructed an overall notoriety for WR250R skill. Manager Travis Jones expanded the fork spring rate to 0.48kg/mm and revalves utilizing new segments. At the back, a 500-pound-inch spring supplanted the 440-pound-inch stocker with pressure and bounce back additionally intensely kneaded. We spec'd a tune that eventual satisfactory when the bicycle was stacked with rigging and full fuel yet were going for best execution when stripped. Taking care of and ride quality are wonderfully enhanced; it rides like a totally diverse bike. Expense is $1,140 if springs are required, $900 without. In the event that you roll out one improvement to your WR250R make it this one


The stock fuel tank is 2 gallons, which isn't sufficient reach for genuine endeavor (even at a simple 65 mpg). A 4.7-gallon IMS fuel tank  can convey around 300 miles. Since fuel is conveyed low in the covers, the full-tank weight increment doesn't have an enormous sick impact on taking care of or give a top-substantial feeling. Uni Filter air channel meets expectations in an adjusted airbox (opened-up delta), which helps general force and motor reaction 

Debilitate: The stock fumes framework measures 11 pounds, the FMF Q4 silencer ($360) and PowerBomb header ($200) only 6.5. The FMF setup additionally helps base end control significantly and gives around a 1.5-hp increment at its 26-hp crest. To guarantee legitimate fuel conveyance, a Dynojet Power Commander V EFI/ignition tuner  and an Exhaust Servo Removal Module ($65, expected to keep a mistake code without the stock EXUP valve) are utilized. Motor reaction is awesome. 

Yamaha WR250R Specs

Yamaha WR250R Specs

Security: The shaky plastic stock slip plate is practically useful for keeping a percentage of the dust off the motor. Any huge hit could spell the end for powerless parts. This aluminum slip plate via Flatland Racing  is pleasantly made and has a clean and snappy establishment utilizing four screws as a part of stock edge tabs. A channel plug set pattern makes oil changes simple. 

Adapting: Stock is 13/43, excessively tall for specialized rough terrain work. A 120-connection D.I.D 520 VX2 fasten was sliced to 112 connections and consolidated with a 48-tooth Renthal Ultralight back sprocket. It's extraordinary go 4x4 romping and gives a 60-mph journey. For thruway utilize, a Ultralight 14-tooth front sprocket ($33) is effectively pressed and swapped out and about; 14/48 is scarcely shorter than stock and gives 70-mph journey. 

ERGONOMICS/COCKPIT: Job one was supplanting the stock steel handlebar. It twisted effectively and was excessively low and thin. A Renthal RC High  was much more extensive, higher, and stronger, for better solace and directing feel. Cycra Probend hand protects square wind, shakes, and tree limbs, and in addition ensure levers in an accident. Garmin zumo 390LM GPS has incredible adaptability for mapping streets and trails, is Bluetooth perfect, and very climate safe. Best exploit reflects ever are made by Doubletake.

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