Koenigsegg R Agera Oman

Koenigsegg R Agera Oman
Koenigsegg R Agera Oman

Koenigsegg R Agera OmanAgera  Created to praise 15 years of outstanding performance Agera the Swedish verb to Act has been picked as the name for our latest creation as it symbolizes a discriminating direct as far as what we at Koenigsegg do. 

We have to Agera firmly in the inventive process in order to develop these exceptional machines. Likewise the auto moreover needs to Agera when coordinated to unleash its execution to the fortunate individual in the drivers seat in the explorer seat and outwards to the world. 

The progression of the Agera has been transformative after the Koenigsegg custom of change by honing and building up and finally finishing the completed result all in light of past experience. 

The Agera is as wide in the front as in the back of the auto. This gives extraordinary change in the corners and gives a touch of turning float as there is awesome space for the front wheels to turn inside the wheel bends. 

On account of a broad air channel long confirmation runners and novel Agera supercharger impellers power is as of now 850 hp running on general petrol and the most amazing Torque of 920 nm is come to at 5000 rpm. 

The electronically versatile back wing goes with auto setting or manual control to have as pitiful deal as would be reasonable between low drag and down force dependent upon condition and slant. 

The Agera in like manner offers the latest in braking Technology intertwining an adaptable ABS structure 392x36 and 380x34 ventilated and entered let go hovers for unparalleled braking execution and zero smudge paying little personality to track or road condition. 

The new balance control is the fastest reacting in the business with auto alter value to unmistakable road conditions and driving styles and a couple of manual settings. 

Koenigsegg has in like manner developed another sort of inside light which is a planets first in the auto business  The Ghost light. The lighting up emanates through the billet aluminum gets and surfaces by technique for vague nanotubes making radiant detectable quality of the pictures and a clean and upscale appearance restricted by an allnew carbon fiber center backing and entry gathering. 

Koenigsegg R Agera Oman

Koenigsegg R Agera Oman

Other than the Driver can without quite a bit of a stretch select the information he needs indicated before him on the all new mechanized dash  stretching out from vital handiness to G force meter power meters Satnav music lapclock or compasses  to best suit the back and forth movement driving conditions be it interstate cruising going by country lanes city course or certified track driving. Other than within highlights the new Agera sewing and wrinkles which gives a captivating smoothness to within. 

With everything considered the auto is made to take the Koenigsegg experience to the accompanying level both out on the town and the track Still keeping up the greatest things space in the business and the novel Koenigsegg passage and separablestow competent hardtop. 

We acknowledge there is no other supercar that has the same measure of accommodation and execution accessible and this truly makes the Koenigsegg Agera an uncommon proposal. 

Finally Agera is moreover short for the Greek word Ageratos which in old Greek means enduring. The Koenigsegg Agera is a show of time. The primary shape and thought of the Koenigsegg CC made 15 years back is still considerable fresh and especially concentrated today. The Agera still stay legitimate to the first thinking shape and size of the first CC.

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