Skoda Superb Estate Towing Capacity

Skoda Superb Estate Towing Capacity
Skoda Superb Estate Towing Capacity
Skoda Superb Estate Towing Capacity
Skoda Superb Estate Towing Capacity - The new Skoda Superb is a huge bequest with a phenomenal blend of a decent cost brilliant reasonableness low running expenses and fine esteem forcash. 

An exceptionally secure and certainty rousing tow auto 

In spite of the fact that the current Škoda Superb has been around since 2008 it experienced a midlife overhaul in 2013. And additionally inconspicuous changes to the styling a vitality recouping stopping automation was added to enhance economy and decrease emanations. Our test auto a 2.0 TDI 140 Elegance accomplishes 61.4mpg on the consolidated cycle. Weve been towing with the Superb for a couple of months and have now put this bequest through our demanding test to really uncover and assess what tow auto capacity it has. 

Were expecting an exceptionally fit tow auto. The Superb completed towards the sharpend of its weight division when we tried it at the 2014 Tow Car Awards yet is the 140PS motor sufficiently solid for towing obligations? 


The Škoda Superb Estate is a major auto measuring 4.83 meters from packed in. Regardless of its size Škodas cited kerbweight is shockingly low. The auto weighs only 1554kg and that is including 75kg for the driver excluded in Škodas distributed kerbweight. That gives a 85% match figure of 1321kg. The legitimate towing breaking point is 1800kg the greatest noseweight is 80kg. 

Based on our time with the auto experienced tow auto drivers ought to experience little difficulty pulling processions measuring more than 85% of the kerbweight (both significant caravanning clubs say towing up to 100% of the kerbweight is adequate on the off chance that youve been towing for some time). For our tests we towed a Swift Expression 586 with a Mass in Running Order of 1389kg. 

Whether on the motorway or at the test track the Škoda felt steady and secure towing a train of this weight. At 60mph the Škoda was rock strong with almost no controlling data required from the driver to keep auto and train on course. 

In the path change test the Superb kept on inspiring. The suspension is on the delicate side which permitted a considerable amount of incline when altering course in a rush yet the Škoda held well and stayed solidly in control of the train. 

In this way strength is a given. Execution when towing is consistent and decided as opposed to brisk. The Superb pulled the Swift from 3060mph as you may when joining the motorway in 13.9 seconds. On the other hand its the 18.2 seconds 5060mph time in fifth rigging which is all the more telling. 

The motors crest torque figure of 236lb ft is adequate for towing obligations however the Škodas rigging proportions organize economy over punchy execution. On a motorway slant the Superb feels more content in fifth rigging than 6th and for steep slopes or surpassing a lower proportion than you may expect is regularly required. 

Adjust to the autos adapting and execution is adequate however theres most likely the 170PS (168bhp) rendition which has 22lb ft more torque and additionally additional force holds speed all the more promptly. 

Indeed even in this way our 140PS (138bhp) auto experienced no difficulty with a slope begin handling a 1in10 incline easily in first rigging and with just a slight odor of hot grasp backward. The handbrake held the outfit with no compelling reason to draw it with undue power. 

In normal towing the brakes felt reassuringly solid however simple to apply easily. In our tests the Superb took 10.2 meters to prevent auto and train from 30mph. That is a short halting separation and was accomplished with next to no dramatization. 

Hitching up to the Škoda isnt exactly as simple as it could be. Access to the towball is great yet the electrics are a long reach under the guard. 

In any case beside the blemished position of the towing electrics the Škoda Superb tows exceptionally well. Its not particularly snappy but rather once the driver has adjusted to the outfitting its sufficiently quick. In particular it feels stable at pace. Wed be more than upbeat to tow long separations in the Škoda. 

Regular driving 

A few autos penance ride quality for the purpose of lively cornering. Its a joy to drive an auto that doesnt put on a show to be energetic and puts the accentuation on solace. 

The Škoda smooths the street surface well. Its not insusceptible to greater knocks but rather at most speeds and over most surfaces the suspension is supple. 

Its an agreeable as opposed to spongy setup so its still slick and clean through the curves and doesnt hurl about when driven at pace on a nation street. That said the auto inclines observably when cornering with excitement and the guiding isnt particularly immediate so sharp drivers with a nation street drive will favor the more honed reactions of a Ford Mondeo or Mazda 6. In any case for most drivers more often than not the Škoda drives exceptionally well. 

Around town you are mindful of the Superbs size particularly when searching for a stopping spot. It is a long auto for sure. Furthermore the grip is moderately sharp which requests care when moving or pulling without end. 

Skoda Superb Estate Towing Capacity

Skoda Superb Estate Towing Capacity
Skoda Superb Estate Towing Capacity
Take off of town onto Astreets and motorways and the Superbs lodge generally stays calm. Theres close to a curbed murmur from the motor and theres little wind clamor. On the other hand street commotion does make its vicinity felt particularly when rolling over coarse surfaces. 

It may not be energetic but rather the Superb is agreeable and simple to live with when driving normal. 


This is the place the Škoda truly scores over the greater part of its adversaries. Its enormous inside. 

Indeed even drivers and travelers of well more than sixfeet tall have all that could possibly be needed room and the driving position is agreeable over long separations with an extensive variety of change. 

Its in the second line of seats that the Škoda truly inspires however with limousinelike back legroom. Couple of other family domain autos even approach. And a lot of head and legroom there are air vents to blow air at back seat travelers something were generally satisfied to see and an element that is absent from an astounding number of family autos. 

The main dark imprint against the second line is the cumbersome transmission burrow vital for the fourwheeldrive adaptations. At the point when going with three back seat travelers it does make foot space tight. 

The Superb additionally puts most opponents in the shade with its unlimited boot. Theres no including underfloor space to accomplish a feature snatching figure. Rather the Superbs 633liter limit alludes to one gigantic space. The baggage territory is long profound wide and free from wheelarch interruption. The boot lip is low so theres no compelling reason to strain your back to stack your packs. 

On the off chance that you succeed in filling the boot with the seats up collapsing them down expands the aggregate ability to a gigantic 1865 liters. Once more that is significantly more space than pretty much any adversary. 

All in all why nine out of 10 and not full checks? All things considered not at all like numerous cutting edge home autos there are no gets on either side of the tailgate to bring down the rearward sitting arrangements and you need to tip the seat bases forward first in the event that you need the seat backs to lie level. And after its all said and done theres a slight stride in the floor. 

On the other hand we could live with those minor niggles for the purpose of the Škodas enormous space for travelers

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